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Our Story

Philippians 4:8 - Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Hey there! I'm Jacq. Founder and creative behind Lovely Things Co. Our story reflects real life - struggle, ambition, self preservation, resilience, hope, and overcoming. I hope you are inspired to become part of the LTC family.

Lovely Things Co. is a wellness brand rooted in the idea of prioritizing love of self and self-care to positively impact overall wellness. Afterall, wellness encompasses the whole person. To achieve optimal balance, mental and emotional health is imperative. LTC is all about you surrounding yourself with constant affirmations and reminders to honor yourself. Don't get it twisted. We have all had situational mental health events. It's much more than a diagnoseable condition. I've been guilty of living a life of not creating and enforcing boundaries, ignoring and deprioritizing self-care habits, and not speaking up for myself. Have you ever thought your response to someone's request/comment/demand but your mouth said something else? Something that did not honor you, your boundaries, or your needs? Something with an end result that negatively impacted your mental health? 

It is our mission to inspire and embolden women (and young ladies) to show up, both authentically and unapologetically. Every. Damn. Day. Daily life can be challenging and our mental health hangs precariously in the balance. Keeping sticky notes, writing affirmations in a journal, or posting them on the mirror can only go so far. Been there. Done that. What happens when you are moving through your day at the office, in the boardroom, in line at the supermarket or over at Aunt what's-her-name's house? You know the one. Sometimes it is easy to lose focus on what's emotionally acceptable and safe for you. Keep that same energy and vibration you created at home while moving throughout your day. Wear your voice until you are able to speak it. At the very least, our apparel may help you start the conversation.

We offer hand printed apparel and lifestyle goods that serve as gentle reminders for you and unspoken clarity for those around you.

Express yourself quietly & confidently.

Remind yourself of who you are as you work towards your self-care and self-growth intentions. 

We are passionate about living and working (and going to school) in inspired spaces surrounded by things that not only make us smile, but reminds us of who we are.

Good Energy. Positive Vibes.


 Life can be tough. Surround yourself with lovely things.


The Lovely Things Co. studio is located in North Carolina.

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